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From: Randy Daddy
Subject: teen sex porn xxx Cock SockThe following is completely true in its entirety. I hope you enjoy. I
know I did. Cock SockI found a sock.I was folding the laundry, and was just about finished when I came across a
lonely sock. It wasn't mine, and I was april teen porn
pretty sure it didn't belong to my
partner. I was also pretty sure that it didn't belong to my 13 year old
son. I concluded that it must have been left behind by someone in either
the washer or dryer, and had become wrapped up in my laundry.I made to throw the lonely sock away, and paused for oriental teen porn
a moment. It was a
nice sock. It was mainly a white ankle sock with gray toes and heel. The
"Starter" logo was on the ankle cuff. It looked xxx teen porn free to be fairly new. It was
still pearly white, and was thick and soft, unlike my own threadbare socks.
It also struck me that it was approximately six inches long. "That's
convenient," I thought to myself. "My cock's six inches long too." I
pocketed it.I'm a 36 year old gay married father of three. I've put on some weight
since high school, but I'm told it looks good on me. I'm just under six
feet tall, and have very short light brown hair with green eyes. I guess
I'm what some people consider a 'bear,' as I'm completely covered in hair.My teen tit fuck
partner and I keep different hours, so I go to bed several hours before
he does most nights. That night I went to the bedroom and closed the door,
knowing that I would not be interrupted. It was warm and pleasant, so I
didn't bother to close the windows and pull the curtains. I killed the
light, and the room was bathed in moonlight. Tonight was the full moon.
Maybe that's what posessed me.I have a pretty good sex life. My partner and I regularly engage in sexual
contact, and my masturbation habits have waned a bit as I've gotten older.
But for whatever reason, tonight I was so horny, and I wasn't in the april teen porn mood
to have sex, so I decided school girls teen porn to practice a little bit of self love.I peeled my clothes off, and took the lonely sock out of the pocket of my
shorts. When I was completely naked, with my cock swinging heavily between
my legs, I crawled up teen tit fuck on the bed, and lay down on it spread eagle. The
corner of our home has floor to ceiling windows, and the moonlight was so
brilliant that it completely illuminated my body, so that anyone who might
have been outside would be able to clearly see what I was doing. My cock
gave an extra throb just thinking about it.I started rubbing latina teen porn free my body, spending a few moments on my nipples, free teen latex porn which were
hard as nails. I was way too horny, though, to spend much time there, and
pretty quickly both of my hands were involved in activities at my crotch.
With my left hand, I was pinching the head of my cock with my thumb and
index finger and rubbing them together, tweaking my fat knob. My right
hand was busy feeling up my balls and rolling them around in my palm. It
took about thirty seconds for me to achieve full erection. We're talking
FULL erection here... my cock was so swollen that it was almost painful. I
was harder than I'd ever remembered being. I brought my left hand down and
wrapped it around the base of my cock, gave a good squeeze, and watched by
moonlight as a huge drop of precum welled up in my piss slit, and spilled
over the edge of my cock, running down the helmet head and dripping down
onto the shaft, reflecting the moonlight in it's clear liquid.I moved my left hand up and down the shaft of my cock, avoiding the head
completely. I was afraid if I even touched it, I would explode. With my
right hand, I created an 'O' with my thumb and index finger and wrapped it
around the base of my ballsack, wrapping my remaining fingers around my
nuts, continuing to knead them slightly. I squeezed my thumb and index
finger together, pulling my balls down in my sack, choking them, pulling
them away from my body where they had been creeping as my impending orgasm
drew nearer. The skin of my sack grew taught, all wrinkles gone as my
balls were being forced down and stretching it to the limit.With my left hand, I squeezed my cock a little tighter, and another large
drop of precum issued from the small hole at the end of my dick. I let go
of my nuts, and scooped this gem off the head of my dick, shuddering as my
fingertip made the slightest contact with my cockhead, and brought it
toward my mouth. In the moonlight, a long stream of precum glistened
between my finger and piss slit. I had almost gotten my hand all the way
to my mouth before the strand broke. I put my finger in my mouth, and
savored the taste of my own precum."I love my cock," I thought to myself. And I do. I absolutely love having
a cock. I love the feelings it gives me, I love to watch it go from a limp
3" of wrinkly skin to six solid inches of hard cock, I love watching my
jizz fly out of the end of it, I love how it throbs with my every
heartbeat. I'm struck for a moment as to what a shame it is that my
daughters will never get to enjoy having a cock, and also wondering if my
son has yet discovered the joys of playing with himself. I begin to relive
my first time...I am twelve, and babysitting. The kid was down for a nap, and I was
snooping. I found a video... Debbie Does Dallas. I watched it. I was
hooked. I hardly paid attention to the women in the film at all, but I was
transfixed by every cock that came on screen, and was absolutely enthralled
by the way they would squirt out white milk while making the guy feel so
good! free teen blond porn
I'd gotten boners before, but had always just kinda ignored them.
Now, watching these men get theirs good and huge, and shoot huge loads of
white stuff out of them... I had to try. Later that pink porn teen night, once I'd gotten
home, I went to the bathroom, the only room in the house with a lock on it,
and began beating my meat. It happened so quickly, I barely had time to
enjoy it, or even realize that it was about to happen. The cum just flew
out of my cock, pulse after pulse. The oriental teen porn first couple of bursts flew about
four feet from where I was kneeled down on the bathroom floor. Two, three,
four times it shot, each glob of goo landing a little closer than the last.
It got to be so intense that I let go of myself. Even once I'd stopped
touching it, it still continued to throb, and the white stuff was just
pouring out of it now, running down my cock, getting clogged up in gay teen maled porn my tiny
patch of pubes. That was the first of what would become an obsession with
jerking off. As a teenager, I made it my mission to cum in every room of
the house. Once that was completed, I started jerking off in more places.
At a graveyard, out at the lake in the water, in school under my desk, in
the movie theater with strangers on either side of me, in the doctor's
office... Wherever I felt the urge, I'd pull it out and spank it.I could feel my orgasm building up big, and I knew that I was only moments
from the big finish. I took the sock and pulled it over the head of my
cock. It was soft and warm from being under my leg on the bed. I again
grabbed the head of my prick through the end of the sock between my index
finger and thumb. I've learned, since being a kid, how to prolong my
orgasms and really enjoy them. And that's exactly what I did. I gave it a
tweak. My whole body jumped involuntarily. My cock longed for contact, it
ached to be touched, to cling to something that it could blow its load on.
I gave it another slight squeeze, and again lifted my ass up off the latina teen porn free
bed in
intense pleasure. "Fuck it," I thought to myself. I couldn't edge it any
further. I needed to cum. I grabbed the sock and moved it up, down, up
and down once more, my cockhead buried in the toe of the sock, and started
to blow. I couldn't help letting out a loud bellow as my balls drained
themselves, out through my cockhead and into the lonely sock.I continued to pump jizz out the tip of my dick for almost thirty full
seconds. It was one of the best orgasms of my life. I now keep the sock
with me, in my pocket. Whenever I get the urge, which is quite often
lately, I free extreme teen porn
pull out my cock, and jack it til I'm about to blow, then catch
all my cum in the sock. The thing is so stained now, and the inside of it
so encrusted with dried cum that I can't pull it over my cock anymore
comfortably. It's too scratchy. And I kinda like that the thing has
gotten all spunked up and smelly. I fantasize of rolling it up and using
it as a gag, or trying to post it on ebay. I can see it now: "Athletic
sock stained with dozens of cumloads." How much do you think I'd get for
that?Questions? Comments? Pictures of what you were doing while reading my
story? Catch me at
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